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Sporting Clays are held Sundays from early May until early November. There are some Sundays with No Shooting.  Refer to the website Calendar for specific dates.
Start Time is 10 am.

We shoot a Clay sport known as 5 – Stand Sporting Clays. It is neither Sporting Clays or Trap. “If you were to put Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays in a blender, Five Stand would pour out.” It features a line of five "stands" for shooters and a number of launchers arranged in front of the shooters, to their sides and even behind them. Shooters are presented five targets at each station, 25 targets in all.

Five Stand is more exciting than Trap, and throws a wider variety of patterns than Skeet. It's faster and cheaper than Sporting Clays. For hunters, it's a great game, giving you the chance to work on shots simulating everything from fleeing rabbits and flushing to quail to ducks dropping into a set of decoys.


Our field has six different traps (target throwers) involved in our 5-Stand operation. Each trap has a unique presentation from rolling rabbits, chondelles, battues to springing teal, and also includes incoming, outgoing, quartering-away, quartering-in and other angled targets. Presentations vary weekly, as directed by the Range Safety Officer (RSO).


Up to 5 shooters participate in a round and shoot at each of the 5 stations. On the first pass at each stand, the shooter gets a single target from one of the numbered presentations. Next, each shooter gets what is known as a Report Pair of targets. This is where after the first shot is fired, the second target is released. On the third and final pass on each stand, the shooter receives a True Pair of targets with both targets thrown simultaneously. Each shooter then moves to the next stand. That’s a total of 5-targets at each of the 5 stands for 25 total clays per round.




Safety rules must be followed, at all times, while participating in this event. The event is presented under the Direction of an NRA certified Range Safety Officer.


  • Personal protection (ears & eyes) is required.

  • Gun must be open and empty while changing stands.

  • Shooters may not leave their station until instructed to do so by the RSO.

  • Gun is loaded only at each turn and in the ready position.

  • No chokes may be changed after the round has begun.




The following ammunition specifications are recommended for this shooting range.

Typical ammunition used for 5-stand shooting:


Gauge                      Shot                                 Shot Size

12                           1 oz. or 1-1/8 oz.               #7.5 or #8

20                           7/8 oz.                              #8


Fees: Cost is $6 per round (sold as 5 tokens for $30, each token good for one round of 25 targets)

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