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Clays shooting occurs every Sunday from late April until the end of November.
Start Time is 10 am and runs to 2 pm.  Refer to the Calendar link for specific dates.

Everyone is welcome to shoot: members and non-members, men and women, juniors, beginners, hunters, and experienced trap competitors.


Cost for members is $4 per round (sold as 5 tokens for $20, each token good for one round of 25 targets).

Non-members pay $5 per round.

TRAP: The clay targets used for trap shooting are thrown by a trap machine in an arc, and the competitor does not know where in that arc, the target will emerge.  There are five shooting "stations", each 16 yards behind the trap house, as shown below:

Each competitor fires a single shotgun round at five targets from each station. Shooters take turns with one shot apiece until all five shooters have shot 5 shots from a given shooting position. The shooters then rotate to the next shooting position and repeat the process.


A squad of 5 shooters will shoot 25 targets each. Blue Hill does not offer "Registered shoots", which require competitors to shoot anywhere from 50 to 200 targets per event.

While any 12 or 20 gauge shotgun will work, there are also specialty Trap models are available.

The ammunition must be "bird shot"; that is shot numbered as 7½, 8, 8½, or 9.

WOBBLE TRAP: A variant of Standard trap is Wobble trap. The main difference is that target height is variable. Although this version of trap is not sanctioned by the American Trap Association, many competitors consider it more challenging and engaging, as well as a more realistic preparation for bird hunting.

SPORTING CLAYS: This variant utilizes several trap machines located around the trap field, which throw the clay targets at various heights and angles. An Over/Under or Semi-Auto shotgun is required, as some stations require 2 shots in rapid succession.

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