Trap Shooting:

Trap shooting is one of the three major forms of competitive clay pigeon shooting (shotgun shooting at clay targets). The others are skeet shooting and sporting clays. The clay targets typically used for trap shooting are usually thrown by trap machines. Usually the trap machine is enclosed in a "trap house" which is downrange from the shooters which is tough enough to protect the machine from errant shots. Most modern machines store hundreds of clay targets in a carousel and automatically load clay targets into the throwing mechanism. American trap is broken down into three categories: singles, doubles, handicap. The targets are thrown by a machine located at approximately ground level and covered by a "trap house." For singles and doubles, there are five "stations", each 16 yards behind the trap house.

In singles, each competitor shoots at five targets from each station. The trap machine oscillates left to right within a 35 degree arc, and the competitor does not know where in that arc the target will emerge. The 4¼ inch clay target is thrown away from the shooter at 42 miles per hour and must travel between 50 and 55 yards. The height of the target is adjusted so that at a distance of 10 yards from the trap house it’s height will be between 8 and 10 feet. The shooters take turns shooting such that the first shooter will shoot one shot, then the second shooter takes their shot, etc. until all five shooters have shot 5 shots from a given shooting position. The shooters then rotate to the next shooting position and repeat the process.

Doubles and handicap are not shot at Blue Hill. When shooting American trap for practice or fun a squad of five will shoot 25 targets each for a total of 125 shots. Registered shoots require shooters to shoot 50, 100, or 200 targets per event. Blue Hill does not offer registered shoots. Any shotgun will work, although 12 gauge is the most popular. The ammunition must be "bird shot"; that is shot numbered as 7½, 8, 8½, or 9.

A variant of standard trap is Wobble or Wobble trap. The main differences are a much more extreme target flight path than in standard trap shooting (the trap oscillates up and down as well as side to side). Although this version of trap is not sanctioned by the American Trap Association, many shooters consider it to be both more challenging and engaging as well as a more realistic preparation for bird hunting. Blue Hill offers both standard singles trap and wobble trap.

Blue Hill offers another variation of wobble trap, called "122". In this variety, each shooter gets a single bird at each new station and then on two successive turns gets 2 birds in rapid succession. This also more closely resembles real bird hunting.

All trap thrown targets travel away from the shooter and leave in front of the shooter. In skeet and sporting clays targets may travel at right angles to the shooter, over the shooter or even at the shooter. At Blue Hill an extra clay target throwing machine is used to allow these extra target trajectories for the more adventuresome shooter if they desire the challenge.

Everyone is welcome to shoot. We have men and women shooters, several juniors, beginners, hunters, and experienced trap competitors. We even provide shotguns and ammunition for someone with nothing but the desire to try trap shooting, and instruction is available.

Cost for members is $4 per round of 25 targets (members buy 5 tokens for $20, each token good for one round of 25 targets). Non-members pay $5 per round.  Further information is available from trap range officer John Everett, 944-0840

Trap Shooting at The Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club

Come on out and join us at the Club trap range facilities and enjoy our modern equipment.

Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol is proud of our facilities and we look forward to enjoying them with you and your family.

Sundays: 11:00 A.M. to 2 P.M. -- Beginning the end of April and continuing until the end of November (weather permitting).

All Skill Levels Welcome!
Beginner Instruction Available

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