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Blue Hill Shootist Society 2014
LADIES ONLY Fast Draw Shoot

Well was that fun, or what! Our second annual Ladies Only Fast Draw Shoot is now in the books, and I think it's safe to say it was another rousing success! We had 7 shooters, two guests and 4 cowboys working the event. We would like to send out a very special Thank You to Warlock for making the long drive in order to help us all work on our form and technique. With his coaching and assistance, we all saw out times improve dramatically.

Thanks to Warlock, Blacksmith, Tintype & Woodbutcher for assisting in the running of the event. And thanks to Grace (Gracie Darlin') for the delicious soup we enjoyed at lunch, and with setting up and cleaning up afterwards.

We were all so evenly matched that while we only had 7 shooters, we went a full 11 rounds. It made for some fun and exciting shootouts!

Two of our own hit real milestones at the shoot that deserves special notice. For the first time during a match, both Clara Belle and Etta Mae broke the one second benchmark, to cheers and whistles from all in attendance! Clara Belle hit a .980 in round 1. Etta Mae hit a .994 in round 7, and a .964 in round 10. Well done ladies!

The Match results are as follows;

Rank Shooter Fastest Time
Daisy A'Dare
2 Liberty Lou  .921
3 Etta Mae 1.018
4 Magnum Red 1.165
5 Clara Belle 1.004
6 Lynne 1.832
7 Jo Jo 1.128

Just a reminder to our two new shooters, the times listed above are the fastest shot in the round you went out - NOT your fastest shot of the day.

Our next Ladies Only Shoot will be on April 12th. We will be shooting bullseye with .22 caliber pistols in the range. I will send out reminders as the date gets closer. Hope to see you all there!

Daisy A'Dare

Director, Blue Hill Shootist Society

Ladies Only Cowgirl Action Shoot

While returning from their Pink Buffalo Hunt, the Lady Shooters of Blue Hill were set upon by the notorious Dangerous Dan Dalton and his gang!

Our 5th event in the Ladies Only shoots, a Ladies Only Cowgirl Shoot, was held on August 24. We had one stage that we shot two different ways and a posse shoot where everyone had the opportunity to shoot at the target at the same time.

The day started with registration and a brief description of the game of Cowgirl Action Shooting. After the safety meeting, we all headed over to the 'prairie'.

The first stage scenario had the ladies enjoying a nice evening campfire, regaling their recent pink buffalo hunt.  Hides piled high, our triumphant hunters were besieged by Dangerous Dan and his gang of miscreants, determined to steal their hides. Lead flew as the Ladies successfully fought off the gang.

Unfortunately, in the ladies' absence, some of Dan's gang, led by Mustang Mabry, had taken over the town of Blue Hill, sending the men-folk into hiding and vandalizing the town sign. The second stage scenario had the Ladies fighting to reclaim their town.

Once that was done, all the Ladies marched to the edge of town to address the vandalized sign. They sent a strong message to all that ruffians, saddle tramps and low lifes will not be tolerated in their town!

Special thanks to Dan Koch (Dangerous Dan), Richard Noble (Guzzle) and Jon Sheets (Woodbutcher) for all their assistance.

The next event in the Ladies Only Jamboree is still in the planning stage. With the upcoming Fall Shoot, things are getting pretty busy at the club.

Daisy A'Dare

Ladies Only Gong Shoot

The Gong Shooters enlisted the help of the Ladies of Blue Hill to deal with a herd of misbehaving pink buffalo that were reportedly doing irreparable harm to our beloved shooting grounds. As is the case, we made short work of the pesky critters! (The buffalo, not the Gong Shooters!)

Our 4th in the series of Ladies Only shoots was held Saturday, July 13. We all met up at the clubhouse for a meet & greet, registration, Gong Shooting instructional meeting and a safety meeting.

We were introduced to our scouts for the day; Jerry Bishop (Director of Gong Shooting), Richard Noble, Ashby Morton, Grove Herrick and Charlie Rayner (aka - Blacksmith), who also doubled as our bull cook for the day. Helping Blacksmith with the meal were Cathy Eaton.

After all the initial meetings were completed, our scouts took the group of 10 shooters over to the prairie where the buffalo had last been spotted. Fortunately for all the Lady Guns, the herd was still there, oblivious to our stealthy approach. We encountered the beasts at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards, and set upon them with our rifles.

Other beasts were encountered at 12, 20, 25, and 50 feet, and as to be sporting, we efficiently engaged them with our handguns.

Then we turned our sights to the half-dozen or so dwarf pink buffalo. As everyone knows, the dwarfs, being the trickiest and hardest to hit, were dispatched with .22 caliber rifles.

Special thanks to all our scouts and cooks for making it such a memorable day of shooting.

The next event in the Ladies Only Jamboree will be a Ladies Only Cowboy Action Shoot. The tentative date is August 24th. More details will be announced as they become available. For more information on this or any of the other Ladies Only shoots, contact Mary Ann Sheets ( or watch the club's web site -

Ladies, you are missing a really fun time if you are not attending. There are only a few more Ladies Only shoots scheduled this year! Since these shoots are being put on for your benefit, you should really consider attending!

Your hosts,

Mary Ann Sheets

Grace Clement

Ladies Only Trap Shoot

This was the third session in our Ladies Only Jamboree. These events were conceived to give the Ladies of BHR&PC a chance to learn the different shooting venues the club has to offer, and to shoot them with like-minded Ladies only. It turned out to be a glorious day to break some clays!

Five of us showed up to learn the game of Trap, work on our shotgun skills and enjoy a "Blue Hill Hoagie". 

The day started out with a safety meeting and a lesson in how the game is played. Then we hit the field. What fun it was! Some brought their own shells, and the club also supplied shells, so we had a blast. We had both loaner guns to use and those that had then, brought their own. All levels of ability were exhibited, but we all improved as the day went on. It was clear that a lot of clays met their demise that day!

After a few rounds we broke for lunch. That gave everyone a chance to socialize, and then we headed back out to bust more clays. After the shoot, everyone was awarded Certificates of Participation.

Special thank you to John Everett and Michael Poisson for their time, instruction and assistance. They made the game and the day really fun.

For more information on Trap Shooting at Blue Hill, check out the Blue Hill wed site at, and click on the tab Trap Shooting. They meet every Sunday 11:00 - 2:00. They are a great group of shooters!

Our Fourth event in the series will be a Gong Shoot on July 13th. We will meet at the clubhouse at 9:00 for registration. We will be shooting at metal targets at varying distances with both rifles and pistols. We will be using .38 or .45 lead only bullets. For those ladies that have their own Fast Draw pistols, bring them with you. If you have a rifle in either .38 or .45, bring it also! We will have some pistols and rifles there to use if you don't have your own.

We know ammo is scarcer then hen's teeth right now, but if you can bring either .38 and/or .45 LEAD ONLY ammo, it would be greatly appreciated. The club is trying to find some to have on hand for us to use. You will need approximately 50 rounds.

For more information, check the next newsletter and/or the wed site. I will send out reminder invitations closer to the date.

Preregistration always helps us determine the size lunch we will need, so if you know you are going to attend, please drop me a note.

Mary Ann Sheets

Ladies' Only Indoor Pistol Shoot

We held the second event in our Ladies' Only Indoor Pistol Shoot when Grace Clement and I hosted the club's first Ladies' Only Indoor Pistol Shoot on Saturday, March 23. We had 11 ladies attend, and all had a great time! We learned what the Pistol League does, and how they go about shooting their activity. All the shooting was done with .22 LR pistols and revolvers.

The day started with a safety briefing by Range Officer & Club V. P. Steve Montminy and Ken Kral. They covered topics like gun safety, safe gun handling on the line, how to deal with malfunctions, what the red lights mean, and the course of fire. For this event, we kept the firing line at 25 feet. Usually the shooting is done at 50 feet.

We all got to shoot multiple rounds of Slow Fire (10 minutes), Timed Fire (20 seconds), and Rapid Fire (10 seconds), in two 5 shot strings each. 

After the first course of fire, we stopped to enjoy a great meal of Beef Stew, biscuits, salad and desert.

After the formal shooting was completed, those that wanted to had a chance to try some of the various guns that everyone brought to the event. That proved to be a great opportunity, in that it gave everyone a chance to experience other guns and learn how they operate.

All the ladies enjoyed themselves immensely, seeing their groups tighten throughout the afternoon. First-timers felt much more comfortable and confident by the end of the shoot.

Besides having their targets as souvenirs to illustrate their progress, everyone received a Certificate of Participation for the event.

Special thanks to Steve and Ken for all their help during this event and for making the ladies feel welcome. They helped make the day spectacular, and their experience was invaluable.

The third event in the series will be a Ladies' Only Trap Shoot, tentatively scheduled for some time in May. There is still time for all you ladies, who first voiced interest in Ladies' Only events, to get in on the fun. We are having a blast!

As the season progresses, we plan to hold Ladies' Only Events in the following venues; Trap, Cowboy Action, Gong Shooting, Outdoor Pistol and Outdoor Rifle. Notices will go out in plenty of time for everyone to schedule the dates on their calendars. In the mean time, check the club's web site bulletin board for details and dates as they develop.

If you are interested in any of the upcoming Ladies' Only Events, please contact me at

Daisy A'Dare

'Ladies Only' Fast Draw Shoot

February 23, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to report that Saturday's 'Ladies Only' Fast Draw Shoot was a rousing success! All I can say is, 'Cowgirls Rule!" This was the largest gathering of Lady Fast Draw Shooters ever assembled in the State of Maine! Well done Ladies!

We had 17 Ladies in attendance, and 16 shooters. Many had never tried Fast Draw before. After a brief introduction on how a Single Action revolver works, the ladies hit the range for a few rounds of practice. 

Once everyone had a chance to experience shooting at the targets, we jumped right into the Main Match. It was obvious from the start that lack of experience would not hinder the fun. Since so many were new to the sport, it made for some very even match-ups. As we all know, seeing slower shooters battle it out is just as exciting as watching the faster shooters go at each other. (Maybe more so!)

It was clear that as the match progressed, everyone became more relaxed and settled into their own personal rhythm. Different techniques were tried, with subtle posture changes, until each shooter found what worked for them. 

And work it certainly did! Perhaps a little skeptical at first, everyone saw their times drop as the day progressed. Some shooters were even able to cut their times in half! While that's nothing new to the experienced shooters, for the newcomers it proves very encouraging.

To illustrate the improvements made, below is a list of the shooters, listed in order of rank, with their slowest  and fastest times listed for comparison. Everyone should be proud of the time improvements they achieved! (After all, the name of the game in Fast Draw is improving YOUR personal best time and consistency!)

Rank Shooter Slowest Time Fastest Time
Daisy A'Dare
1.202 .833
2 Tee Rigger   1.700 1.001
3 Annie Oakley   2.293 .910
4 Jessie  2.069 1.072
5 Calamity Jenn 1.525 .950
6 Miss Kitty 2.257 1.521
7 Tay West 1.939 1.102
8 Cora Belle  5.468 1.362
9 Magnum Red 1.818 1.153
10 Gett'r Done 3.364 1.167
11 Robyn Banks  2.855 1.360
12 Fakeout Fickett  3.392 1.262
13 Bell   2.316 1.293
14 Clara Belle Hatfield  3.611 1.684
15 Palladin   3.142 1.187
16 Slick Syl   4.971 2.314


Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success. We proved that the only ones that eat better than Cowboys..... are Cowgirls! Thanks to everyone that brought vittles, and to Grace and everyone else that helped with the food. It was a great lunch!

Thanks to Blacksmith, Mississippi, Razor and Woodbutcher for all their assistance, and to Miss Kitty for all her help keeping things running smoothly.

Our next Monthly Match will be March 16th, and you are all invited to attend. You can get invaluable coaching from some of our regular shooters that can cut your times even more!

Set-up starts between 8:00 and 8:30. Registration will begin at that time and run until 9:30. Registration closes at 9:30. Practice will run from set-up until 10:00 - 10:30 (depending on turnout), at which time the Main Match will begin.

Anyone planning to arrive after 9:30 must pre-register with me before the day of the shoot. At 9:30, registration closes and pairings for the first 3 rounds will be drawn up. Anyone arriving to shoot after the pairings are finalized (who has not pre-registered) will automatically receive one X.

Anyone arriving to shoot (who has not pre-registered) after the Main Match has begun will have to sit out the round in progress and will receive an X for late arrival and an X for each round missed.

Anyone arriving to shoot (who did pre-register) after the Main Match has begun will have to sit out the round in progress, and will receive an X for each round missed.

Registration will be $15.00, which includes lunch.

Hope to see you there!

Daisy A'Dare

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